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Philosophy of the Studio


In our studio, the work of an architect is more than just a job, it´s a calling. Without this vocation, united with the will to serve, architecture becomes no more than a simple object of change.

We understand architecture as the art of designing and constructing buildings as something more than a simple object in the service of the economy of the moment. Any architectural object, in addition to being functional, has to provoke feelings, and above all it must be useful and fulfill the need for which it was created.

We understand a house as the essential core where we begin our life, and where we live it. A house has to be above all a component of life. It has to bring well-being to its inhabitants; it has to be capable of creating a living space that can be considered a true home, in addition to meeting the mandatory norms of the moment. The space, the light, the serene shadows, the view of the sky from its interior make this necessary refuge, which is much more than a simple residence, into a loved and desired space where one can enjoy and share. Where one can try to be happy.

In the same way, buildings, whether public or private or with different uses, public spaces, streets, plazas, parks, all that has to do with perception and life, have to follow the same idea. Cities, with all that they involve, have to be conceived for the well-being of their inhabitants. If not for this, what purpose do they serve?

Clearly this is not the case, but as a current saying goes, someone had to say it.

This entire way of thinking about and seeing architecture has nothing to do, up front and objectively, with the economic cost of the architectural and construction process. One of the most common and erroneous ideas is that good architecture is always expensive, both in economic and human terms.

We believe and affirm that there are many good examples of projects, both big and small, that truly serve people, where the economic cost is very low and contained. It is also true that for the public at large, the majority of these examples are not known, as they do not enjoy the publicity of the big, expensive architectural projects that are widely known. Perhaps many of those are great examples of architecture, but many are simply demonstrations of power.

We like to believe that the majority of our creations, like those of many other colleagues, are economical and built within controlled budgets, but executed with enthusiasm and professionalism. We try to provide the highest possible value, to serve and bring some benefit to users both internal and external.




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