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House in Cadaqués


Cadaqués, Girona province



The house in Cadaques was my first house. I can still remember perfectly two 70-year-old friends who wanted to have conjoined houses, or what we would now call semi-detached homes, one house right next to the other. I remember sitting in my room at my drafting table, listening to them explain what they were thinking. My father began the design of the house, and both he and the owners thought it appropriate to give me the opportunity to continue his work. And that is how my first job as an architect started. Nothing more and nothing less than a house in Cadaques.

At no moment did we want to break from the appearance of a semi-detached house. We wanted a house, a single house, that had a completely mediterranean feeling, that didn´t feel out of place in its surroundings. We frankly had a very good time, the two owners and I, while I designed the house, and I also have great memories of the construction process using local builders. Honestly, I never knew what the final cost was– at that time it wasn´t even necessary to compare. Nor do I remember my fees, just that it is one of the best memories that I have.


Architect: Amadeu Oliva i Uriel

Technical Architect: Maria Rosa Remolà i Ferrer

Photography: Jordi Vilaseca

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