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Iglesias House


Matadepera, Barcelona province



The Iglesias house is designed around the concept of a container, and of a set of primary volumes, based on the use of a Miesian architectural language. Its architecture is simple and clear.

The rugged topography of the site remains in our proposal, but at the same time is adapted to the design, allowing for connections to and the use of the exterior space.

The program of the house is concrete and follows the parameters given for the property. It is designed around a single room and almost one single open space, with the future possibility of incorporating new spaces.
The visibility of the interior space is complete, given that the perimeter is completely made of glass, except for the part corresponding to the bath. Privacy is achieved by moving a large wooden partition, blocking the view of the interior wherever desired.

The simplicity of its design allowed for economical construction, while maintaining high architectural quality.


Architect: Amadeu Oliva i Uriel

Technical Architect: Maria Rosa Remola i Ferrer

Photography : Jordi Canyameres

Structural Consultant: Alfredo Municio Angel

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