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Sánchez Félix House


Terrassa, Barcelona province



In the Felix house we were able to carry out our task to the very end. We designed many of the furniture pieces that were used, or decided which ones to buy, which is now referred to as interior design, interior architecture, etc. As regards the building, we wanted the architectural design to be consistent with the city space in which it was located. We believe that if you work with materials and chromatically coherent colors it helps to improve the image of the city. In some way we have to try to make sure that the look of the buildings that make up our cities are uniform, and that there is a certain consistency that can identify them as a set.
The house was designed around a central staircase. In the roof there is a glass pyramid that illuminates the central stairwell and provides light all the way down to the basement level.


Architect: Amadeu Oliva i Uriel

Technical Architect: Maria Rosa Remolà i Ferrer

Photography: Amadeu Oliva i Uriel

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