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Church of the Redeemer


Sabadell, Barcelona province



The Church of the Redeemer was a different commission from all others that we have done, not only for its purpose, but also because we achieved it at a very economical cost while at the same time bringing as much architectural value as possible. That is, we created a attractive space, sober but at the same time welcoming, in which the church members felt completely comfortable and identified, where they could hold their ceremonies and feel as if they were at home. We had a handicap from the beginning, as the lot was very rough and the foundation was very expensive. In addition there was a basement level which we needed to construct, in order to have the main floor at street level, with a use that was not yet defined.

The construction system was simplified, and we opted for prefabricated floor slabs and a facade with prefabricated concrete panels on which the name of the church was engraved. As we had a very defined program, we were able to break the design down into sections and place each piece in its proper place. We designed a bell tower as a symbolic element, separated from the rest of the building by a light well transecting the building and a large window at the first floor level, clearly defining the worship space from the rest of the auxiliary spaces that make up the building.


Architect: Amadeu Oliva i Uriel

Technical Architect: Maria Rosa Remolà i Ferrer

Photography: Jordi Canyameres

Structural Consultant: Alfredo Municio Angel

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