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Vallparadís Audiovisual Campus


Terrassa, Barcelona province



The audiovisual campus of Vallparadis is almost a continuation of the old IES Vallparadis rehabilitation and renovation project, even though they are two separate buildings with different uses. The IES Vallparadis in the end became a professional campus, and they wanted to take advantage of the old gymasium space to develop an audiovisual campus. Therefore the project respects the location of the gym while increasing its height. As the principal space was projected to be a television soundstage, and this use would need a very high-ceilinged space with no windows, we took advantage of the existing walls of the old gym in their full height. We designed an interior space based on metal pillars and beams, with precast alveolar concrete slabs. The roof is metal and completely covered by photovoltaic panels. In the upper part there is a large room with windows that occupy the full height and width of the east and west facades; to protect them from the sun we designed a false facade of perforated metal. In concept, the building is a large container, with a very stylized base and a higher part with a much lighter metallic look. Once the construction was finished we could confirm that we managed it at a very economical cost.


Architect: Amadeu Oliva i Uriel

Technical Architect: Juan Bertran i Serra

Photography: Jordi Canyameres

Structural Consultant: Alfredo Municio Angel

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