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Vall Building


Terrassa, Barcelona province



The Vall building faces two streets in the historic center of Terrassa, Vall Street, and Baix Plaça Street. The lot is very deep, with two facades, one on each street. In order to have cross ventilation and light in all the spaces, including the stairwell and the central part of the ground floor, we designed a large air well in the interior part of the block. The ceiling of the ground floor in the air well is a skylight. The facades follow what I had proposed in the Plaça Vella building, which is very close by, in that they are designed with sandstone panels. The ground floor follows the principle of being as transparent as possible and permitting maximum visibility.


Architect: Amadeu Oliva i Uriel

Technical Architect: Maria Rosa Remolà i Ferrer

Photography: Jordi Canyameres

Structural Consultant: Alfredo Municio Angel

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