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Oliva-Remolà architecture studio


Terrassa, Barcelona province



This is our own studio. The property connects two streets with a difference in elevation of approximately one and a half floors, assuming an average floor-to-floor height of 2.80 m. It is a very special location, as its main facade faces the Vallparadis Park in the center of Terrassa. The nearest building opposite the studio is at least 100m away. The views are incredible–we can see the St.Llorenç del Munt mountain, as well as the mountain of Tibidabo and the entire park. The rear facade of the building is on a dead-end street of two-story buildings. It is a very quiet street with magnificent views of St. Llorenç del Munt. When we began the project the park was just in the planning stages; when we began our building the park was approved, and the day we moved in they began the work.
In reality it is the only building that we have been able to carry out without conditions-neither personal, esthetic, nor of usage. The only condition, as always, was economic. As a basic starting premise, we wanted more for less- if we didn´t add something we wouldn´t have to pay for it. We conceived a space without any concessions, with exposed structural elements. The floors would be bare concrete slab, simply polished and varnished. The electrical wiring is surface mounted, and thus accessible and expandable. As the property is very narrow, we wanted a lot of light, visibility and transparency. We were eager to have an exhibition room to display our works as well as those of others. Another important point was that while we had very open and well-connected spaces, we also had to have privacy in some spaces, such as in the meeting room. Once finished the building was recognized architecturally around the world, and all at a very economical cost.

We designed all of the spaces as is necessary in the typical long and narrow building lots of Terrassa, which was from the starting point of the stairwell. The stairs have to be positioned within the space at the correct place; this is the secret- if you make a mistake everything else will go badly. Next to the stairs we placed an empty space illuminated by a skylight, allowing the light to reach the ground floor. Just in front of the stairwell we put an elevator, which also serves as the vertical shaft for plumbing and electricity. The horizontal parts of the mechanical system are located under the fixed furniture lining one side of each floor, and are totally accessible and expandable. The facades are almost entirely of glass, though they are not curtain walls. On each floor you can go out onto a balcony of perforated metal, thanks to the external structure of the facade. The materials are basic: visible metal columns, concrete slab, glass and wood.

The Oliva-Remolà Studio was mentioned in the 1998 FAD Awards and in the 2001 Biennial of Architecture of the Valles.


Architect: Amadeu Oliva i Uriel

Technical Architect: Maria Rosa Remolà i Ferrer

Photography: Duccio Malagamba

Structural Consultant: Lluis Valldaura


Premis Fad 1998, menció

Baumaister 1999-7

Abitare 397

Diseño Interior 1997

New York espaces

Iª Bienal d’arquitectura del Vallès -2001

Arquitectural Record 12-2002

On diseño 222

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